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Roswell, New Mexico 911 Memorial

Roger Burnett at the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico in Roswell New Mexico passes along this:

We moved it to the new Historical Museum Archive Building May of 2006 as stated in the email below. A couple of times someone has laid lilies on the piece of steel on Sept. 11th. I have enclosed a few pictures of the display as it looked in 2006. A few changes have been made, but not any to make a significant difference.

Roger K. Burnett
Administrative Director
Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico
200 N. Lea Roswell, New Mexico 88201
575-622-8333 fax 575-623-8746

We decided to aquire the steel to pay tribute to not only the policemen and firefighters in New York City, but to our local individuals that lost their lives in the line of duty.

Shorty after 9/11 we had a desaster of our own here in Roswell. A deranged individual set his girlfriends house on fire. In the process he set himself on fire and was rescued by his neighbor who took him into his house and called the fire department and paramedics.

When the paramedics arrived along with the Fire Chief, Louis Jones. Jones was a big man, probably 6’6″, 270-280 lbs. A friendly giant of a man. The man pulled a gun and starting shooting, killing his neighbor, the paramedic and wounding Chief Jones and the neighbors 8 year old son. Jones died a few weeks later from his wound to the head.

Enclosed is a photo of the steel as it sits right now. We plan on putting it in a case with newspaper articles and headlines from New York newspapers and the Roswell newspaper.

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  2. Betty Kent

    My sympathies to all of you. I shall report this in my presentation on Oct. 17, how tragic. I have found that the steel has travelled to Bremerton,WA, AZ, FL, NJ,and many other states. The SS New York is a floating memorial made from the steel forged from the twin towers.

    October 16, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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